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Our years of experience with industries, such as Gaming and Blockchain, give us a perspective that other banks just don’t have. By seeing the entire payment ecosystem, we are able to balance our partners’ rapid growth with sound financial practices.

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Acquiring Services

  Sponsorship and deposit services


  Integrated with all major card networks, including Visa, MasterCard and Discover


  VISA High Brand Risk License


  Alignment to industry leading card brand products and services to support business growth and maintain focus on risk management

A Diverse Team





  Risk specialists



Industry Leadership

  Member: Merchant Acquirer’s Committee


  Member: Electronic Transaction Association


  Obtaining Visa’s High Brand License is a critical part of our strategic business strategy


  Active participation within the Payments Industry to keep abreast of trends, technology, risk and risk management techniques


  Fraud prevention

Member of the following

Debit and Credit Networks

“We consider our role to be guardians of the payment ecosystem – providing companies with real growth opportunities while protecting and strengthening their customer relationships.”

Jacinthia Lawson, SVP, Acquiring Sponsorships


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